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Forestry, Woodland Management and arboriculture.

M&G offer UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) compliant solutions for all elements of forestry or woodland management work, including hard and softwood thinning, selective and group felling, clear fell and harvesting and coppicing.

Environmental engineering, habitat improvement & landscaping.

M&G boast an extensive array of tractor based and purpose-built plant, excavator and equipment, allowing us to undertake the most challenging of ground preparation and engineering projects. 

Highways and infrastructure vegetation management.

M&G deliver vegetation clearance and management work across a wide range of sites and conditions, including motorways, highways and utility infrastructure, footpaths and byways, and post demolition or predevelopment.

Fencing and access infrastructure.

M&G offer a wide range of quality fencing and access infrastructure services to meet your needs, including agricultural, forestry, estate, commercial, amenity, residential and specialist fencing. 

With investment in tree planting across the UK set to increase over the coming years, M&G bring extensive tree, whip and standard planting experience including new woodland creation, habitat tree and hedge 

Logs, wood-fuel & timber

A staple of our business, we provide the highest quality locally sourced firewood logs, wood-fuel and timber from our own wood processing and treatment yards. 



M&G Countryside Developments

With Us every job is a priority 

M&G Countryside Developments are your professional go-to for all your environmental land management needs.  We deliver no nonsense solutions, on budget and to time.  Hit the no obligations ‘request a quote tab’ or get in touch to see how M&G can help you with safe, practical, high quality and cost-effective solutions and services.


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“M&G quickly became my go-to contractors for all our large-scale vegetation and site preparation work, and I was able to deploy them on contracts maintaining England’s motorway network, as well as a wide range of environmental engineering and habitat work, much of it for key regional and national clients.  There seems to be no end to the ability of M&G to get a job done to spec’, on time and to price. They certainly do always deliver!”

Lewis Morrison, Woodland, Countryside and Arboriculture Manager, Glendale Managed Services Ltd.


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