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Environmental engineering, habitat improvement and landscaping.

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M&G boast an extensive array of tractor based and purpose-built plant, excavator and equipment, allowing us to undertake the most challenging of ground preparation and engineering projects.  We specialise in ground preparation, be it for planting, reseeding, re-turfing, resurfacing or restructuring, and we are able to install pipes, drains, culverts and bunds.


Projects we have recently undertaken include hedge, tree and orchard translocation, flood attenuation schemes, post-demolition ground improvement, and post-construction soil, sward and turf improvement, including seeding (from wildflower meadows to formal grassy swards.  We are also able to deliver all specifications of supplementary landscape tree planting from hedging whips to tall standards.


M&G have partnered on flagship environmental projects, including habitat creation and preservation for HS2, including Great Crested Newt fencing and pond and pool creation, post construction ecological landscaping for Southmead Hospital in Bristol, also native meadow and woodland creation for the University of Bristol.


M&G deliver high quality hard and soft landscaping solutions, without any of the unexpected delays or costs typical of the sector.  We cater for larger customers, for example public sector and corporate business sites, and also residential domestic clients.  We specialise in post-construction and post-demolition ground improvement and landscaping.

We are experts in hard landscaping projects large and small, including blocking, paving and kerbing, timber and specialist fencing, patios & decking, timber buildings, piping, culverts and bridges.


We also deliver a full range of soft landscaping services, including ground preparation, turfing, seeding, sward improvement, and standard tree, shrub and herbaceous planting.  We specialise in brownfield ground improvement, including stone & debris removal, harrowing, hollow/solid tyning, fertilizing and weed management.


M&G are also able to deliver game and field sports infrastructure, from animal and game holding pens to official horse show and event jumps.


Clients include city centre hospital, university and local authority sites, Badminton Estate, private residents and more.

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