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Woodland creation, tree planting and maintenance.


With investment in tree planting across the UK set to increase over the coming years, M&G bring extensive tree, whip and standard planting experience including new woodland creation, habitat tree and hedge planting, amenity planting including standards, and post establishment care and ‘beat up’.  We are also able to provide restocking solutions for forestry, private estate and farming clients, including work on Planted Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS), which require delicate treatment and protection of natural regeneration.


M&G are able to handle all nursery stock and materials supply (stakes, guards etc), and we have well established and competitively priced relationships with a number of regional and national nurseries.  We are able to source Grown in Britain UK, English and local provenance.


We undertake pre-establishment ground preparation including weed control, fertilizing, topping and ‘cut and clear’, baling, ploughing, power harrowing and more.

We are comfortable working with third parties on projects, for example on community and partnership schemes – M&G can handle the specifications, site prep’, nursery interaction, procurement, delivery, planting and post establishment care to ensure your partnership woodland or tree habitat scheme is a success.

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