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Forestry, Woodland Management and arboriculture.

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M&G offer UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) compliant solutions for all elements of forestry or woodland management work, including hard and softwood thinning, selective and group felling, clear fell and harvesting and coppicing. We are able to deploy a wide range of bespoke forestry equipment depending on the requirements of the job, from harvester and forwarder teams to motor-manual and skidder. 


Restocking and new planting is a strength of M&G, so if you are restoring Planted Ancient Woodlands (PAWS), planting trees for a new grant application, or planting natives for habitat improvement, M&G can handle all elements of establishment from engagement with the nursery to planting and post-establishment after care.


M&G’s qualified climbing arborists provide arboriculture services, from dangerous trees adjacent to property or the highway, to proactive veteran tree management.  Our tracked chippers allow us to operate on more sensitive sites, such as SSSIs or ancient woodland.


M&G are also able to offer solutions to ash die back on your property, from preventative tree surgery on notable trees, to complete removal of diseased specimens.


Boasting qualified and experienced foresters M&G can also produce woodland management plans, and can support grant funding applications to Countryside Stewardship, Woodland Carbon Grant and other UK Government funding streams.


Clients include Forestry England, Wildlife Trusts, large estates, local authorities and National Trust.

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